FAQ for Hosts
Before Registering for Bedexchange
What is the SB60?

The SBs, also named UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference, takes place every June in Bonn at the World Conference Centre to prepare the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the biggest Climate Conference in the World.

Delegates from several countries, members from NGOs and other civil organisations, activists and lobbyists from around the world attend the SB Conferences every year to negotiate about coordinated climate action worldwide.

What is the bed exchange and why am I needed as a host?

There are many young climate activists from around the world coming to the SB60 in Bonn. They usually have a very limited budget and accommodations are very expensive. Therefore, they need cheap accommodation to be able to attend the conference.

Usually, most of the activists are accredited for the conference, which means they are allowed to attend the conference to try to influence decisions. Especially for activists from the Global South it is very important to attend the conference because their voices are often ignored.

Therefore, we are looking for volunteers in Bonn who are interested in hosting activists during their stay here. The bed exchange platform was developed by the Developers For Future and the bed exchange is organised by member of the Klimadelegation and Fridays For Future Bonn.

Do I get paid for accommodating guests?

No, we are looking for volunteers who can host activists free of charge. Most of them are very young and do not have much money. The whole reason of the bed exchange is to provide free accommodation

What are the requirements to become a host?

To become a host, you need to have a spare room or bed or sofa or space for an air mattress available during the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference.

Do I have to host guests for the whole conference time?

No! You can also host the guests for a few days. We are happy for any kind of accommodation no matter how long you can offer accommodation. Some guests are traveling to Bonn just for a few days so maybe we find your perfect match.

How do I register as a host?

To register as a host, you have to fill in the "Host" Form on the Website by clicking the “Register as a Host” button.

Can I host more than one person?

Yes! You can host as many activists as you wish if you have the space. Just add the way of accomodation for each person in the form and the number of guests you can host.

Before Arrival
How can I ensure a comfortable and safe experience for my guest?

The most important thing is to offer a space for an acitivist to rest after the conference. The conference is a very exhausting experience and coupled with being in another country, far from home, is often a very overwhemling experience. Therefore a safe place to rest is very important. Depending on what you can offer, the guest(s) might be happy to get a meal, clean bedding and towels, access to bathroom facilities, and clear instructions and house rules. We also prepared a guide for hosts and a guide for guests to minimise potential problems.

How can I communicate with my guest before their arrival?

As soon as we match hosts with their guests, we will send you details about how to contact your guest.

What should I sort out with my guest(s) before their arrival or at their first day?

We prepared a guidebook for hosts where you can find information on which issues might arise while hosting an international activist. Please read it carefully and talk to your guest about important issues.

What if the activists need a confirmation of Accommodation for Visa Application?

We have prepared several templates here: English, French and Spanish.

During the Exchange and Conference
What are my responsibilities as a host?

As a host, you are primarily responsible for providing a safe and comfortable space for your guest. Additionally, however, you are invited to take advantage of having an international visitor in your home.

However, please note that the main purpose of the guest being in Bonn is for climate activism purposes, it may hence be the case that he or she does not spend much time at home other than sleeping.

Do I need to provide food for the activists?

No, you do not have to. However, they might be happy to have some breakfast and maybe also dinner. But this is not a necessity and you should talk to your guest about needs and what time they are at home.

Can I be ensured that there is intercultural exchange in the form of regular dinners or so?

No. The guests are in Bonn for their climate activism and primarily need a home. If there is the possibility and willingness from both sides, we are happy if there are opportunities for intercultural exchange.

What if I have a problem during my stay with my guest?

Please talk beforehand to your guest about house rules and details about their stay. We prepared a cultural guide for hosts and for guests to explain about the common issues while hosting guests from other countries.

If you encounter any issues which cannot be resolved by yourselves, please contact us at bedexchange@klimadelegation.de or in emergencies here (Nummer einfügen!). We will do our best to help resolve the issue.

After the Conference
Can I leave feedback of my experience with my guest?

Yes, you can leave feedback after the exchange, you will be contacted accordingly.

What should I do if I have a problem with my guest after their stay?

If you encounter any issues after your guest's stay, please contact us at bedexchange@klimadelegation.de.

Can I host again for the following Bonn Climate Conference next year?

We would be very grateful! Please make sure that you tick the box in the form allowing us to send you an email next year.

FAQ for Guests
Before Registering for the Bedexchange
What is the digital bed exchange platform?

The digital bed exchange platform aims to connect young climate activists with hosts in Bonn who are willing to offer them a place to stay during the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference (SB60). The hosts houses are not hotels, they are hosting guests for free and you have no claims against them.

How do I register for the bedexchange?

To register for the platform, you have to click on the "Register as a Guest" button and fulfill the form.

Can I be placed with a friend or group of friends?

You can apply to be placed with your friend(s) for that you can share a link through your profile with your friends. Please keep in mind that might mean that you will share a double bed. However, we can not guarantee to find a place for the both of you to stay.

Will I be guaranteed accommodation?

No. Despite doing our utmost to have as much accommodation available, we expect more demand than supply for rooms. Hence, we will allocate rooms according to priority groups outlined below.

After which criteria are guests and hosts matched?

We will prioritize the guest inquiries as explained in the diagram. The inquiries will be ordered by the categories with priorities from top to bottom. So people, under 27, part of a marginalized group, Global South, Below 21 who already have an accreditation will be matched at first. Afterwards all people in the same categories but not accredited, afterwards the one from Global South and above 21 (but under 27) who are accredited, and so on.

Before Arrival
How do I find out about my host?

After we match hosts and guests according to the outlined criterias above, we will send you the information about your host. This might be shortly before your arrival, we will do our best to send you all the information as soon as possible. Please contact your hosts as soon as possible after receiving their contact information to sort out the details about your stay.

What should I do if I have questions or concerns about my host or accommodation?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your host or bedexchange@klimadelegation.de. There is also an emergency phone but please use it only in emergencies.

What if I need a confirmation of Accommodation for Visa Application?

We have prepared several templates here: English, French and Spanish. More information will follow soon.

What if I cannot attend the SB but I already got a host?

If you cannot come to the conference, please contact bedexchange@klimadelegation.de and your host immediately, so we can offer your bed to someone else! Please do not give the address of your host to other activists.

What do I need to bring to my host’s place?

Please contact your host about what you will need at their place. Remember that your host is not a hotel.

During the Exchange and Conference
What are my responsibilities as a guest?

As a guest, you are responsible for respecting your host's space and house rules and communicating clearly and respectfully with them. Please talk to your host about how to access the accommodation. You also have to keep the place tidy. Please read the guidebook for more cultural information.

Can I invite my friends over to my host’s place?

Please ask your host first. They are inviting you in their personal space therefore you cannot invite your friends unless your host told you otherwise. There are several cafes, restaurants, pubs or public parks where you can meet your friends.

Where can I find information about public transport, internet and other important (cultural) information?

We prepared an actitivist’s guidebook for you. You can find it here. If there are any more questions not answered in the guidebook, feel free to contact bedexchange@klimadelegation.de.

What if I have a problem during my stay with my host?

If you encounter any issues during your stay with your host, please contact us immediately at bedexchange@klimadelegation.de or in emergencies !!! (number to be announced). We will do our best to help resolve the issue and ensure that you have a safe and comfortable stay.

After the Conference
Can I leave feedback of my experience with my host?

Yes, you can leave feedback at bedexchange@klimadelegation.de to help us in the future. You will be contacted accordingly.

What should I do if I have a problem with my host after my stay?

If you encounter any issues after your stay, please contact bedexchange@klimadelegation.de.